3 Packaging Systems That Benefit E-Commerce Businesses

Setting up a fully online e-commerce business might sound simple on paper, but in practice, there is far more to think about. A huge part of running an e-commerce business is sending products out for shipping. This is something that smaller companies can struggle with, especially as they start to grow and orders start to get larger and more frequent. We’ll go over a few packaging systems that benefit e-commerce businesses specifically to show you how much they can improve efficiency.

Automatic Case Liners

No matter what kind of product you might need to ship, it’s unlikely that you’ll use only a cardboard box to keep it safe. Lining cases with bags made from a sturdy material can help further protect the product itself and protect the case from having its structural integrity ruined by whatever it is holding.

For example, if you ship a product that needs some sort of cooling element, a bag inserter machine can help protect the case itself from degrading due to contact with said cooling element. Securing bags in a consistent manner can be a difficult task for humans to get right every time. Using an automatic case liner helps remove this potential hiccup in the packaging line.

Automatic Case Erectors

When the orders start to come in non-stop, you’ll quickly realize that you need a lot of boxes, and you need them quickly. Putting boxes together from the original flat forms they come in can take a lot of time. Even experienced workers can make mistakes or hurt themselves in the process.

An automatic case erector is a useful packaging system for e-commerce businesses because of how much time they save in setting up the packaging line. The box your product is placed in is its first line of defense against damage during shipping, so it’s better to put your trust in an efficient machine to erect them.

Automatic Case Sealers

On the other end of the packaging line, the case sealer is the final stop before your package starts its journey to the customer. Sealing up the boxes you use is arguably as crucial as making the boxes in the first place. You want to feel confident that once that box is fully sealed, nothing will come out of it until it reaches the customer.

Automatic case sealers also help manage packaging materials such as tape or plastic wrap. They use a set amount of material for every package, making it easier to know how much you’re using and allows you to place your next restocking order more accurately.

When it comes to anything from case erectors to bag inserter machines, OK International makes it easy for e-commerce businesses to improve their packaging efficiency so that they can meet demands more effectively. Call us with any questions about how our machines can make a difference for your business.

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