Packaging Trade Shows

At OK International, we have over 40 years of experience leading the way in the packaging industry, and we help businesses far and wide optimize their packaging processes. We do our best to provide businesses with the right equipment and tools to deliver their goods far and wide, and part of the way we like to reach new businesses is through packaging trade shows. They’re a great way to connect with multiple kinds of industries and businesses, forging partnerships and connections that can help them for years to come!
Food packaging trade shows are a staple for us at OK International. The food and drink industry is vast but highly regulated, and it requires compliance with strict rules. We understand that it’s a delicate sector. At these trade shows, you’ll see that our packaging equipment ensures adherence to these regulations while enhancing efficiency. Join us at a future trade show to experience our exceptional systems firsthand!
In addition to food packaging shows, our presence extends to pet food trade shows as well! Like human food, pet food must meet stringent regulations. We understand the importance of compliance without compromising on productivity. That’s where our cutting-edge equipment comes in. It ensures that your pet food production remains efficient and safe. Catch us at packaging trade shows nearby and explore our range of equipment tailored to suit your business needs perfectly.
You can also find us at different seafood trade shows. Safety regulations are important in every industry, but they’re especially important when dealing with seafood. Packaging seafood can be challenging because it is essential that you optimize freshness while keeping packaging simple. Be sure to stop by Ok International the next time you’re at a trade show—we’ll help you get the perfect packaging line system that works for your needs!
At OK International, we pride ourselves on staying on top of industry trends. Therefore, you can find us at various medical shows every year, along with all of the visionaries and industry leaders of the medtech field. Stop by to see what our medical packaging equipment can do. Our machines help make our customers some of the best in the industry, and we understand what it takes to stay competitive in this ever-changing field.
No matter the industry or packaging trade fair, you can count on OK International to provide you with your semi-automated or fully automated packaging solutions you need. Contact us today to discover more.

PPMA Show 2024

NEC, Birmingham, UK 
Booth #A-76

Pack Expo Chicago 2024

Chicago, IL
Booth #N-4904