Questions To Ask Before Purchasing a Case Sealer Machine

Maybe you’ve started to notice your packaging operation isn’t performing as efficiently as you’d like, and you’re looking for a solution. Case sealer machines can streamline a huge portion of the packaging process, but that doesn’t mean you should rush out and buy the first one you find. You’ll want to get one of value for your operation, so ask yourself these questions before purchasing a case sealer machine.

How Will It Compare to Our Current Operation?

Case sealer machines are undoubtedly faster than human hands at closing and sealing shipping boxes, but you need to determine if they will help your operation. If you’re only struggling to seal your boxes, you don’t need to shell out for a case sealer that will significantly exceed your capacity. On the other hand, if you’re planning to start rapidly expanding, you may want to invest in a faster model now to stay ahead of the game.

What Kind of Maintenance Does It Require?

Every piece of machinery you buy for your business will need servicing and maintenance at some point in its life cycle. Of course, you’ll want to minimize this as much as possible, which is the reason you should always consider maintenance as you examine your options for case sealers. Listen to testimonials from others and eliminate the case sealer options that seem to regularly malfunction and need constant servicing.

Can It Handle the Specific Cases We Need?

If you know that all your products can fit into the same size case, you don’t necessarily need a case sealer machine with different options. For businesses that do offer various products, a more sophisticated case sealer can remain consistent even when handling cases of all different shapes and sizes. Make sure your case sealer option is tailored to your business.

Do We Have the Space To Accommodate It?

An essential question to ask before purchasing a case sealer has nothing to do with its benefits to your business. You need to make sure you actually have the space to fit such a machine. A business planning to expand into a larger warehouse or factory won’t have too much trouble finding space for a case sealer. Smaller operations may need to bust out the measuring tape and ensure enough room for the case sealer.

When it comes to reliable case sealers and other automated packaging machines, OK International offers only the best. From start to finish, we can provide you with a fully automated packaging system that leaves you with fewer worries and more time to focus on what actually matters.

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