4 Basic Maintenance Tips for Bag Insert Machines

Bag inserter machines eliminate the need for pre-made bags, making them a great addition to any packaging assembly line. However, like every other machine, they don’t operate perfectly forever. The devices can wear down, things can stick, or any number of other issues can arise. But with these basic maintenance tips for bag insert machines, you can keep your system running smoothly for years.

Regular Cleaning

Even when your machine only works with bags, it can still get dirty. There’s always some form of debris and dust that can collect on the machine, and without proper cleaning, it can disrupt your packaging process or prematurely age the device. Regular inspections are great for spotting any dust, dirt, or debris, allowing you to address the issue quickly so your machine isn’t stopped for too long. In addition to cleaning, you could try to identify where the debris is coming from to potentially stop it at the source.

Normal Lubrication

Bag insert machines have a lot of moving parts, and without effective lubrication, the gears and motors could encounter issues and stoppages. It doesn’t take a lot of lubrication to keep the machine working smoothly, but its absence is glaring. Friction is not something you want happening with your machine because it causes damage that a warranty may not cover, and it could cause your packaging line to fall behind schedule.

Changing Parts

Lubrication and cleaning can keep your machine running, but sometimes a part of your machine simply fails and needs replacing. It’s smart to check over your machine regularly so you can identify and replace necessary parts before they break down in the middle of operation. With packaging machines, there are high-wear parts and low-wear parts; the low-wear parts should never fail, but the high-wear parts have much shorter lifespans. Identify the high-wear parts, keep an eye on them, and bring in properly trained technicians to replace the parts before they become worse.

Spare Parts

Some components of your machine are more fragile and require an expert technician’s touch. Meanwhile, other components, like blades or suction cups, are easily replaceable; however, placing an order and getting them in a short amount of time is another matter. Instead of waiting for a part to break before placing an order, keep regularly needed spare parts nearby. That way, you can replace the parts and get your machine back up and running with little downtime.

Properly maintaining your bag insert machines is an important step in keeping the packaging process in your facility running smoothly. If your bag machine breaks, or you don’t have one at all, it may be time to invest in new equipment from OK Corp. Our poly-bag inserter machines are clean, easy to maintain, and the best addition to include in your packaging line for better efficiency.

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