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Supersystem Polybag-in-Box Packing Lines By Weight
We are the only company in the world that designs and manufactures complete turnkey bag-in-box packing lines consisting of case erectors, bag inserters, weighers, bag closers, case sealers and conveyors, predominantly in stainless steel. Contact us to find out how our innovations can increase your productivity and efficiency.
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Superformer Case Erectors
A comprehensive line of automatic case erectors and bottom sealers with tape or hot-melt. Each case is electronically squared to provide enhanced cosmetics and consistency throughout the line.

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Superliner Polybag Inserters
The OKI Group is a world leader in the design, manufacture and installation of Polybag-in-Box Bag Inserter Systems. We provide the highest speed bag insertion without a foreign device contaminating the inside of the bag.
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Superfiller Weighfillers
Standard PLC controlled weigher/fillers sized to application in single to three lane configurations.
  product weigher, product filler
Supercloser Polybag-in-Box Decuffer/Closers

Multi-station, stainless steel, bag uncuffer folders and heat-sealers, proven in automatic packing lines around the world.

  polybag in box decuffer heat sealer closer, Zakken-sluit systemen
Supertaper Automatic Polybag-in-Box Case Sealers

Our premium case sealers are designed for automatic packing lines and have a special flap folding system and sequence to prevent the bags from being trapped of protruding the case top flaps.

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