3 Tips for Packaging Machine Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is one of the best ways to keep your business safe from different issues, but it can be quite difficult to achieve. Even things like packaging machines that do their job efficiently require preventative maintenance to keep them running through thick and thin. With the right knowledge and preparation, you can keep your packaging process running as it should while also minimizing any potential issues that could emerge during packaging.

Regular Lubrication

Packaging machines have lots of moving parts. To keep those parts moving effectively, you need to lubricate them regularly. Without the right amount of lubrication, different parts and gears will grind against each other, contributing to breaking and production delays. Regular lubrication will keep parts moving properly, but you must also consider the type of oil and grease you use. Different machines have other manufacturer specifications you must meet, so be sure to find the type of lubrication that’s right for your unique packaging machines.

Periodic Tests

Another form of preventative maintenance you must do regularly is testing your machines. Each machine is different. But while you can tell a lot about your machines by their appearance, tests are the best way to see if they’re working as they should. To guarantee things are working properly, you should conduct individual tests with each machine. By focusing on one machine at a time, you can carefully evaluate how quickly they’re working and whether there’s something out of the ordinary, such as foul odors or harsh noises.

Team Education

Preventative maintenance also includes regularly educating your team members to ensure everyone knows how to safely operate these machines and notices when something’s out of the ordinary. Training and education do take time, but they turn your team members into masters of their machines, ensuring they can handle them properly. Without the right education, your team won’t be able to notice if something is out of the ordinary either, potentially leading to unaddressed issues that hurt your business down the line.

If you want your production process to operate smoothly from beginning to end, you must give your packaging machines the preventative maintenance they need. Yes, this does require extensive work and resources, but it’s preferable to spending money on broken machines and delayed processing. If you need help with preventative maintenance or require new machines entirely, let OK Corp take care of you. With our high-quality end-of-line packaging solutions, you can effectively meet all your business needs!

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