3 Signs It’s Time To Automate Your Packaging Line

Whenever your business creates products, your team must package and send those goods to retailers or consumers. This process is important but can be slow and inefficient when you rely on human operators. Watch out for these three signs it’s time to automate your packaging line so you can make your business much more efficient.

Safety Issues

One of the most obvious signs you need to automate your packaging line is that your team has experienced safety issues on the line. Without an automated system, your employees must handle the packaging themselves. This can create safety hazards, depending on your products and packaging. People could strain themselves lifting heavy objects, get their hands caught in a machine, or over-exert themselves during their shifts.

These safety issues are avoidable; now is the time to invest in automated packaging equipment. You may still need an operator or two to manage that equipment, but automation greatly reduces safety risks on the packaging line.

Product Damage

Another major sign to automate your packaging line is if you’re seeing numerous cases of product damage. When your line isn’t automated, there is an inconsistency between products and packaging. Everyone works differently, so inconsistencies can lead to poor-quality packaging. It can also result in product damage. People get tired or make mistakes, which can lead to damaged products. Then, you’ll have to throw them away or reallocate those resources.

Poor Efficiency

Poor efficiency is another sign that it’s time to take your packaging line to the next level with automated machines. We’ve established that workers can be inconsistent, which often leads to low efficiency. It may take a person much longer than a machine to package a product, and you could end up with bottlenecks that bring down the entire packaging line. Not everyone can work at peak efficiency all the time, but an automated packaging machine can.

It can be difficult to find the right machines for your business, even when you want to automate. At OK Corp, we can help you with our extensive selection of packaging line equipment so you can enjoy all the benefits of an automated packaging line.

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