4 Reasons Packaging Equipment Redundancy Is Important

Equipment redundancy refers to having multiple versions of the same equipment but not using all of them at once. It can seem excessive, but packaging equipment redundancy is important and has a lot of benefits for your business. If you’ve got the financial and physical resources to have equipment redundancy, you should pursue it.

No Maintenance Stoppages

One of the biggest reasons these redundancies are important is that they can circumvent maintenance stoppages. For example, if one of your machines breaks down, you must take it out of circulation and either fix it or wait for a replacement to come in. However, if you have equipment redundancy, all you need to do is swap the machines out. Instead of losing productivity while waiting for machine repairs, your business can stay in operation with little to no downtime.

Ability To Expand

Having spare equipment around your facility can seem wasteful, but you shouldn’t solely think about your current situation—you must consider the future. If you want to grow your business and expand operations, having that equipment ready to use is important for when you achieve growth. Needing to order new equipment will stifle your growth, while an equipment redundancy allows you to quickly expand operations when needed.

More Comprehensive Maintenance

Another reason packaging equipment redundancy is important is that it allows you to perform more comprehensive maintenance with your machines. Maintenance is important, but it does slow down operations. You can almost always conduct more maintenance and inspections with a piece of equipment, but your business loses money every second it’s not on the line. With equipment redundancies, you can swap a piece of equipment out, and your business can keep moving while your team gives your equipment the comprehensive maintenance it needs.

Prevents Equipment Failure

Depending on the size of your packaging operations, some of your machines may be working at a constant rate, and while they can hold up for a long time, they will eventually fail. The gears wear down, the machine needs additional lubrication, and it may just stop working as optimally as it should. Pushing a machine like this a little more can cause a catastrophic failure, but you don’t need to if you have equipment redundancy. Instead of pushing your machines and equipment to their limits, you can swap equipment in and out to ensure you don’t risk slowdowns.

Packaging equipment redundancy is important, but you don’t want inferior equipment that only hurts productivity. Instead, you need redundancy of high-quality equipment you can rely on. At OK Corp, we’ve got just the equipment for your business. Our end-of-line packaging solutions are efficient and the perfect items you need for your packaging system. Instead of fearing redundancy, capitalize on it with some of our packaging equipment.

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