3 Ways To Prolong the Life of Your Packaging Machine

Proper maintenance can keep your packaging machine operating effectively and efficiently for years. You pay significant money for these systems and want to ensure they last as long as possible. Here are three ways to prolong the life of your packaging machine.

Keep Up With Autonomous Maintenance

Autonomous maintenance (AM) is a strategy that allows the operator to monitor the machinery, perform minor maintenance tasks, and make adjustments. Machine operators inspect and perform standard repairs to keep the machine functioning properly. These tasks include:

  • Bolt tightening
  • Lubricating
  • Daily cleaning

For anything they can’t handle, they call the maintenance department to avoid significant machine downtime. The entire purpose of AM is to extend the machine’s life. Ensure your operators have the proper training and can handle the added responsibilities of autonomous maintenance.

Upgrade Your Machines

You don’t want your machines to become obsolete. Upgrading the packaging machines allows them to perform the same tasks more efficiently. For example, you can add attachments to make packing easier and use apps for more precise control.

Not only will this prolong the life of your packaging machine, but it’ll also scale up production by packaging your products faster. Eventually, all machines will need replacement—even the most well-maintained equipment. Technology advances, making the equipment quicker and more efficient. Ensure you plan for these purchases because they’re costly.

Create a Preventative Maintenance

Every packaging machine has its own specific needs, and preventative maintenance will attend to those needs. After continuous use, machine parts will begin to work their way out of alignment. Ensure you calibrate your machine regularly. Pay close attention to those parts, including bag carriers, cutters, and perforators.

Everyone should read and understand the manual, especially the maintenance supervisor. It provides insight into how often and what maintenance the machine should receive. Don’t neglect to check on your hydraulic fluid or system. It’s less expensive to have the fluid on hand than to deal with unplanned production delays.

You need your packaging equipment systems to stay as efficient as possible. Take time to care for your machines, and they’ll repay you with efficiency and prolonged life. Use the above advice to keep things on track. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to call OK International today at 508-303-8286 today!

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