The Benefits of Adding a Case Erector to Your Packaging Line

A case erector can provide a lot of great advantages to your packaging line. They can increase staff productivity, decrease injuries, and improve staff efficiency, among other things. Keep reading to explore the benefits of adding a case erector.

Reduce Empty Box Inventory

Finding the space to store a number of erected boxes for a large order is a headache. It can feel like you’re paying to house all these empty boxes! You lose walking-, floor-, and storage space you could use for other things.

When you invest in a case erector, you no longer have to ask employees to pile up and erect dozens of boxes. The machine will do this work for you.

Decrease Injuries and Repetitive Strain

Doing the same motion over and over can strain your body and mind. Repetitive strain injuries are not fun. Have you ever received a paper cut from a paper box? They’re nasty. A case erector will eliminate the risk of employees hurting themselves and suffering from repetitive strain.

Improves Productivity

The average human being can build around three boxes a minute. The basic case erector produces 10 packages a minute, which provides a 233 percent productivity increase. You could see a larger productivity increase if you purchase an even faster case erector.

Want an example? It would take one employee 14 hours to erect 2,500 cases by hand. The OK International Case erector machine could handle the job in under three hours. THREE HOURS! That’s a significant time difference.

Increase Staff Efficiency

Pulling employees away from other tasks to erect boxes is inefficient. A case erector can easily create packages and allow your packers to pack instead of focusing on other tasks. This efficiency can reduce overtime or reassign the labor pool, allowing people to work elsewhere.

You may have held off purchasing a case erector because it seems like an extravagant expense. But, looking at all the advantages, you’ll see the price is worth it. Think of all the overtime, injuries, and unproductive work you save.

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