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M1000 Series

M1000 Series

M1000 Series Conveyors

The M-1000 series finally provides a clean and cost effective solution for food and other industries.

The new M-1000 Series is a stainless steel chain driven live roller conveyor system for heavy-duty applications. A complete system can be created with straight sections, 90-degree transfers, lift up, indexing and accumulation sections.

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Flexible design. Create a versatile system with straight and curved sections to suit your requirement.
Stainless steel finish. Clean and durable, maintains hygiene.
Heavy duty. Durable construction for demanding applications.
Cost effective. Quick return of investment.
Lengths: 10' long straight sections or to requirement.
Rollers: 20.00 wide, 2.00 diameter stainless steel rollers on 3.00 centers.
Bearings: Plastic encased stainless steel bearings.
Power requirements: 110 VAC, 1 Ph, 60Hz, 230/480V, 3 Ph, 60 Hz or to requirement.
Controls: To Requirements.
Product weight range: Up to 200 lbs.
Chain: Stainless steel roller chain.
Table height: Adjustable 24.00-34.00 or to requirement.
Side guides: Adjustable side guides standard.
Leveling feet: Standard.
Pneumatic: 1/4 supply, 80 PSI, only required for optional items.
Conveyor motors: 1/4 HP and up depending of application.
Transfers: 90 degrees.
Speed: Fixed or variable speeds to requirement.