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M600 Series

M600 Series

M600 Series Conveyors

M-600 Series: Stainless steel Table Top Conveyors.

12 gauge brush finish stainless steel frames.
4.1" diameter acetel pulleys with 1" stainless steel shafts.
USDA/FDA approved acetel table top belts.
1" bore flange heavy duty washdown bearings.
2" stainless steel legs with leveling pads.
Washdown 56-C Face AC motor gearbox, 1/4 HP and up.
Single or three-phase.
Manual motor starter with plug and overload protection.
Fixed speed. 

Belt height: 24 in. (min)
42 ft. (max)
Belt width: 6 in. (min)
72 in. (max)
Length: 3 ft. (min)
100ft. (max)
Overall width: 7 in. more than belt.
Curves: 45, 90, and 180 degrees.