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Film and Bags Certified Performance
Roll Stock Film.
Pre-Made Bags on a Roll.
Wicketed bag Stack.
Genuine Certified OKI Film.
"Guaranteed Performance on all OKI and K&R Systems".



Tape North America Only
"We close the case better and keep it closed longer." OKI Tape is the right solution for your case sealing needs. We offer a wide range of high quality tape products to fit any demanding production requirement. Our polypropylene film backing is strong and dependable.

Contact information:
North America

Phone: 1-888-8-okfilm

UK & Ireland

Phone: 44-1359-250705

Western Europe & Scandinavia

Phone: 31-252-216250



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Certified Film

Certified Film

Certified Film Because materials are an integral part of the machine performance we specify, design and manufacture a comprehensive range of the highest quality certified OK Film suitable for your machine and unique application. Why OK International? We have developed an extensive range of product services to better serve our customers. We deliver guaranteed...


Tape Our polypropylene film backing is strong and dependable. It resists heat, cold, and UV radiation. Our aqueous (water-based) acrylic adhesive is bonded to the polypropylene film backing, providing superior performance.   Industrial Duty Applications: Case Weight 1 to 40 lbs Case Dimensions less than 40" (Case Length + Width + Height) Machine Length Rolls...