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M800 Series

M800 Series

M800 Series Conveyors

The M-800 series is a clean and attractive alternative for powered roller or belt conveyor systems.

The new M-800 Series is a modular, stainless steel, powered case conveyor system for medium duty applications. An economic, custom system can be created with straight, inclined, declined and corner sections, with multiple sections slave driven off a main section.

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Modular design. Create a custom system with standard sections to suit your requirement.
Stainless steel finish. Clean and durable, maintains hygiene.
Simple rope-belt design. Low maintenance and easy belt change.
Cost effective. Quick return of investment.
Lengths: 8' long modules or to requirement.
Frame width: 18" or to requirement
Belt speed: 40 ft./min., variable speed or fixed speeds to requirement.
Power requirements: 110 VAC, 1 Ph, 60Hz, 4 Amp or to requirement.
Case weight range: Up to 20 lbs.
Conveyor motors: 1/4 HP (one motor gearbox every 16 - 80 ft. depending on applications.
Conveyor finish: Stainless steel.
Table height: To requirement.
Side rails: Standard.
Leveling: Standard.