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Supertaper ST1M

Supertaper ST1M

Supertaper ST1M Semi-Automatic Case Sealer

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The Supertaper ST1M Semi-Automatic Uniform Case Sealer is a solid and compact side belt driven case sealer, suitable to seal cases quickly, efficiently and neatly.
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Stainless steel exterior finish. Clean and durable, preferred in food and other industries
Heavy duty motors and belts. Suitable for demanding applications and cases up to 90 lb/40 kg.
4” (95mm) wide resilient side belts. Handles light, heavy or bulging cases.
Quick and easy size change. Increased flexibility and production efficiency.
Open tape feed path. Quick and operator friendly roll changes.
Case top compression rollers. Consistent top seal and enhanced cosmetics.
Case range: Minimum (L x W x H): 4.75”(120mm) x 4.75”(120mm) x 3.25”(85mm) at 1.50”(40mm) flap length setting.

4.75”(120mm) x 4.75”(120mm) x 4.00”(100mm) 
at 2.25”(60mm) flap length setting.

Maximum (L x W x H): Unlimited x 20.00”(508mm) x 20.00”(508mm)
Case weight: Up to 90 lbs or 40 kg.
Belt speed: 65 ft/min. or 20 meters/min.
Finish: Stainless steel frame, legs and top structure.
Taping heads: OK 55 high-quality taping heads with open tape feed path, suitable for 2.00” or 50mm wide tape (max.) and 14.00” or 350mm diameter rolls
Power requirements: Voltages to requirement
Conveyor motors: Two 0.25 HP or 0.18 Kw. motors.
Side belts: 4.00” or 95mm wide belts.
Protection class: Nema 12 or 1P54
Infeed/discharge height: 22.00” - 31.00” or 550mm - 800mm.
Machine dimensions: 38.00” x 38.00” x 54.00” (L x W x H), excluding roller conveyors or 965mm x 965mm 1370mm.