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Superliner SL330 Polybag-in-box Maker & Bag Inserter

Superliner SL330 Polybag-in-box Maker & Bag Inserter

Superliner SL330 Polybag-in-box Maker & Bag Inserter

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The Superliner SL330 case liner makes bags from a roll of gusseted polyethylene tubing, places the bag into a case, crate, drum or tray and cuffs the bag over the edges. The SL330 is designed for customers using a wide range of film sizes and shipping containers and requiring frequent changeovers.


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Quick and easy size change Maximum productivity and
Easy and fast roll change. Operator friendly loading of the
rolls at an ergonomic level
without lifting the roll shaft, roll
changes in seconds.
High efficiency bag opening. High flow suction system, most
efficient bag opening, no wear
parts, maximum reliability and
low maintenance.
Compact design Optimal case range at minimal
floor space and machine height.
Stainless steel finish. Clean and durable finish, preferred
in food and harsh environments.
Container styles: Cases, crates, drums, pails, trays.
Size range: 10.00” x 8.00” x 4.00” (L x W x H)min.
254mm x 203mm x 101mm

24.00” X 18.00” X 20.00” (L x W x H)max.
609mm x 457mm x 508mm
Bag length range: 0.7-3.0 mils gusseted tubing, made from standard
polyethylene films (HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, blends and co-extrusions.)
Roll holder: Holds two rolls of film; low level loading direct onto the shafts, easy splicing and roll changes in seconds.
Roll diameter: Up to 20.00” (508mm).
Speed: Standard machine up to 18 cycles per minute.
Electric: 480V, 3 Phase, 60Hz standard. Other voltages to 
requirement. 400V, 3 Phase, 50Hz standard.
Pneumatic: 80-100 psi (6 - 8 bar), 1/2” supply.
Controls: Allen Bradley PLC control with self diagnostics.
Guarding Full guarding with in-feed and discharge tunnels.
Finish: Stainless steel.
Machine handling: Right to left or left to right.
Servo configuration for higher speed.
45 degree angled gusset seals to make block bottom bags.
Random height adjustment.